Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sympathy Cards

As I don't want to post cards before I've sent them, I think I'll show some older cards for a few weeks.

Last year was a bad year for having to send sympathy cards.  I like quite a light touch - something clean and simple.

Muted colours, but not too gloomy; and certainly no gushing verses.
And a foofy bow to add a touch of luxury.

This bow is quite easy - I found instructions on the internet somewhere, I can't remember where now.  I've used 6mm ribbon and wrapped it carefully around a ruler and bamboo BBQ skewer held together to "bandage" the ruler - the ribbon edge should just touch the edge of the last loop - and don't wrap too tightly, the ribbon's got to come off.  Once the ruler is covered with the ribbon, I've run a strip of very sticky double-sided tape along one edge of the wrapped ruler.  Then I slide out the skewer which gives a little slack so I can ease the ribbon off the ruler.  As the tape holds each loop of the ribbon, you have a sort of fringe.  Wrap the ribbon fringe around a thick paintbrush or similar; as you get round the first time, start unpeeling the tape and stick the taped edge onto the next round - the ribbon this time winds onto itself as if you were winding it onto a reel.  Keep  unpeeling the double-sided tape as you wind the fringe onto the brush handle.  When you come to the end, leave the last loop of tape covered, slip the ribbon off the brush and let it poof up.  You can use a large brad in the centre, but the bow will probably hide it.  I buy ribbon from the wedding area of the craft shop as it comes in 25m reels and I don't have to worry if I'm going to have enough.